Questo è quanto ci ha chiesto Anthony MUKAMA head master della scuola:

Dear Borgo,
i have received the message. it is very good that you are caring so much about us .my pleasure goes to you and you friends for the aid you are trying to give us. especially in supporting education in our area. you are very wonderful. thanks a lot and may God bless you.
the type of aid needed is to finish the classrooms of the picture. we even don't have enough seats, blackboard and scholarship materials. the parents were very happy when they recieved pens, pencils,coloured pencils and the pupils of my school Deliver this message to him. I hope your journey was nice to and from Uganda.
conclussively , i think money to constract the poorly constructed classroom could be the best option. our pupils like games but we do not have equipments like balls, nets, rings and even there is no playground, so we need some money to clear the bush around the school to put the ground.
let me hope you will help to mobilize as you have promised.
thank you very much
 Mukama Anthony (HT)

Dear friends, great things happen when GOD mixes with MAN.

I have received all your messages and that is why I am saying that GOD is amidst us. Today Mr. Borgo was asking for other projects. The school has no permanent latrines, no staff houses, no kitchen, no playgrounds and the parents do not afford putting up these facilities. The children look miserable when you look at them. They even do not afford buying school uniform. Pupils go without a midday meal.

I have tried to send to you some photos taken yesterday. The photos show the HT &  chairman of the PARENTS TEACHERS ASSOCIATION showing the classroom block to be renovated .In the photos also is the latrines , staff house and fields where we can put volleyball, football  netball courts.

We hope that since our parcel is with TOM , then it will reach us safely. Thanks to ITALIANS of good will and we hope that GOD will pay them back. We are waiting for our clothes, patiently I told them to wait. MERRY Christmas and happy New Year.

Thanks. CIAO. MUKAMA ANTHONY